I am a dual-licensed (Mental Health and Addiction) clinician in Bozeman, MT and have 13 years of experience working with individuals under-going life transitions, hardships, traumas, legal issues, Anxiety, Depression, Bi-Polar, Co-Dependency, Substance Abuse and Addiction.

I have recently added Coaching and Consulting services to my practice and am excited to pursue a certification in Food Addiction Counseling in the Fall of 2019.

I have worked on the local crisis/suicide hotline, responded to sexual assault victims at the emergency room, provided follow-up therapy and services to survivors of sexual assault, and spent over a decade working with individuals being supervised by the Department of Corrections. 

Coaching clients find they are able to make changes necessary to establish long lasting, quality relationships, find their optimal health and vitality, fall in love with their careers and master the art of balancing quality family time and professional development.

I believe that YOU are the expert in you. I am not in the business of giving advice or telling someone how to run their life. I do believe in asking "What happened to you?" vs "What's wrong with you?". I do not look at clients as broken individuals, but rather help clients to decipher why the old coping skills, behaviors, etc. aren't working anymore.

You can find me via my Contact page and on Schedulicity!